Help us, help them!


We feed Miami and Lee County healthcare workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

By purchasing meals through Feed the Frontlines Miami, you will help fuel the extraordinary efforts of our city’s healthcare workers while also supporting our local restaurants and their employees. With your support, we hope Divieto Ristorante -along with other local restaurants who join this effort - will see the other side of this crisis.


The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down many of our local restaurants while healthcare professionals continue to work on the frontlines to keep us all safe.  Sponsored by your generosity, Feed the Frontlines Miami supports Divieto Ristorante and other Miami restaurants by creating opportunities for their employees to prepare and distribute free meals for hospital workers around our city. 


We hope you will join us in this effort to keep Miami healthy and well fed.


If you are able to, please consider purchasing meals through Feed the Frontlines Miami.

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Divieto Ristorante is a for profit business.  Please note that goods and services are provided in exchange for your contribution. 

As such, this transaction is of an ordinary nature and is not deemed a tax deductible donation.

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