Help us, help them!


We feed Miami and Lee County healthcare workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

By purchasing meals through Feed the Frontlines Miami you will help fuel the extraordinary efforts of our city’s healthcare workers while also supporting our local restaurant employees continue to work during these challenging times. With your upport, we hope Divieto Ristorante  and other local restaurants will see the other side of this crisis.


The recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Florida is bringing our health care system close to full capacity, resulting in higher risk to our local healthcare workers who risk their own health to keep us safe and well. Additionally, the increase in infections has prompted a second round of restaurant closures, leaving thousands of food service employees out of work. With your generosity, Feed the Frontlines Miami supports Divieto Ristorante and other restaurants by creating opportunities for their employees to prepare and deliver meals to hospital workers around our cities.

We hope you will join us in this effort to keep Miami frontline workers healthy and well fed.


If you are able to, please consider purchasing meals through Feed the Frontlines Miami.

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