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What does Feed the Frontlines Miami do?

Feed the Frontlines Miami provides free, warm meals to victims of Hurricane Ian in Lee and Collier Counties as well as any hurricane relief workers helping victims and the community at large recover from the disaster, such as search and rescue efforts, emergency first responders, FPL workforce, sheriff's office, etc...

Who funds Feed the Frontlines Miami?

Generous people like you: individuals, families, school groups, teams, businesses, anyone who wants to support those directly impacted by the Hurricane as well as the brave relief workers leading the efforts to save victims and restore our community.

How do I buy a meals? Can I designate where I want the meals to go? 

Go to the Buy Meals page to purchase one or more meals. You may choose the location or relief team you'd like your meals to go to in the drop down menu under “Designation Label” and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

How did Feed the Frontlines Miami get started?

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic we began delivering food to frontline workers at hospitals, police departments and fire stations who were overwhelmingly dealing with the first wave of the pandemic often at great risk to their own personal health. However, after restaurants were closed for in-person dining in the spring of 2020 we soon realized the delivery and takeout volume would need to significantly increase if we were to remain open, keep all 120 team members employed AND continue our deliveries to front line workers especially as the pandemic worsened.



A vendor and friend put us in touch with Luca Di Pietro, owner of NYC's famous Tarallucci e Vino who had created Feed the Frontlines NYC after a friend ordered 40 dinners to be delivered to the hardworking ER staff at NYU Langone. The idea planted the seed for Feed the Frontlines NYC—an initiative to get more generous contributors to buy meals from restaurants around the city to be delivered to first responders. 

Shortly after Divieto Ristorante launched Feed the Frontlines Miami - after our flagship restaurant in Doral, Miami - to invite the greater community and contributors to purchase meals that Divieto could safely prepare and deliver to brave and selfless healthcare workers and first responders at local hospitals, ER centers and clinics who were working tirelessly for months on end to care for the sick and impacted by the pandemic.



How do I know the food is safe? 

All the meals at Divieto Ristorante are prepared in accordance with Department of Health guidelines for hygiene and safety. Each person  receives an individually packaged meal, and a wrapped set of utensils with napkin. 

How many meals are you delivering each day? 

As we did during the Covid pandemic, our goal is to deliver on average 150 meals per day, but we could do up to 500 meals per day with your generous contribution.

Are there other Feed the Frontlines initiatives outside of Florida?  

Shortly after Luca di Pietro launched Feed the Frontlines NYC, his friend Adair Roberts started Feed the Frontlines Toronto, and his friend Char Joslin started the Feed the Frontlines Boston and Kylie Frame, contacted Luca from Mill Valley, California, to launch her own Feed the Frontlines Marin, and now that organization is off and running! They all operate separately but have similar logos and branding and function in similar, though not identical, ways. 

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Who gets the meals? Where are the deliveries going?

To hurricane victims at shelters operated by Lee and Collier Counties and relief workers in the front lines of search and rescue efforts.

Where did you come up with the price of the meals? 

The price of meals covers the cost of the food, employee wages and delivery.  

Is Divieto Ristorante the only restaurant involved? 

So far, yes. As we raise more funds, we hope to bring in more partners so we can reach more relief workers and hurricane victims. 

Are there other ways to help?

Pool resources for purchases, as some school communities in the city and college sports teams are already doing. Spread the word about Feed the Frontlines Miami to family, friends and foodies. Follow us and share our social media posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Why are you guys doing this? 

Initially, when Covid hit, we were just trying to keep the lights on and we were thinking hard about what to do in this time of crisis. The easiest thing to do would have been to give up and shut down, but that's not who we are. We've always supported the community in high times, so it was only natural to also help out in times of distress and crisis and the crisis brought on by Hurricane Ian is unprecedented.


Is Feed the Frontlines Miami a nonprofit with 501c3 status? 

No, we are a small, for-profit business.

Do you have any social media accounts I can follow?

Yes, you can follow us on:





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